INSB Class and Indian Register of Shipping (a full IACS member) validated a co-operational agreement for:

A. Ship Classification
In instances where INSB Class clients (existing or prospective) are obliged by their Charterers or Insurers to have their vessels classed or class maintained under an IACS society, the context of the INSB/IRS agreement provides for:
- Indian Register to undertake the Classification survey/certification (by its own surveyors)
- INSB Class to undertake the full Statutory survey/audit and certification
- INSB Class may provide its Class (dual classed vessels) as optional service

B. Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) acting for and on behalf of INSB Class
At request of INSB Class, Indian Register can undertake the performance of Class and Statutory surveys - acting for and on behalf of INSB Class (in India as well as any other suitable locations as the case may be).

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